Women Sailors and Yacht Ownership!

Why own a Yacht? You can travel anywhere you want with the same freedom as if you owned a car. You can have unlimited adventures!

Women are increasingly finding they can afford a yacht between 28 and 40 feet. You want to be able to sail it and enjoy the lifestyle it offers, not constantly maintaining it. Read more now on boat sales mallorca

What type of yacht can you own?

Decide what kind of yacht you need. This will depend on if you plan to do extended blue-water cruising, go harbor cruising or race with friends. Try a sailing yacht charter to experience the adventure.

You will need to consider whether you want to sail with your family, partner, crew or friends, or if it is possible to go solo when you own a yacht.

Accommodations will vary depending on the number of people on board, whether it is a day sailing where cockpit size is important or if the boat is for cruising, the layout and interior size are key. Also, the number of bunks and comfort is crucial if the boat is going to be used on longer cruises or in blue waters.

What are your priorities in terms of yacht ownership? Are you looking for a large sail wardrobe to enjoy racing with your yacht club, or a system that allows for single-handed sailing and easy cruising?

What is the most important HP for you?

Are you able to afford the latest equipment like a chart plotter or will you settle for basic, but essential gear? Is the yacht equipped with all safety equipment such as flares, EPIRBs, and life jackets?

What is the cost of buying and maintaining?

This is the main ongoing maintenance task for yacht owners. It involves hauling the boat out of the water to perform her annual anti-foul.

Don’t forget about insuring your valuable possession! It can be expensive.

It is almost always true that the price quoted for any work on your boat doubles when you receive the final bill. As a woman, you should look for reliable tradesmen who won’t take advantage of your situation.

What are your first steps when you decide to buy a yacht?

You can reduce costs by learning to do more or doing it yourself. Research and do your homework!

What is the best way to start looking for your dream yacht?

Do not rush into yacht ownership. Look at boating magazines, yards and shows. Browse the web within a certain radius from where you plan to travel. Compare yachts in the window displays of yacht brokerages to get an idea of their value. You should look at a variety of yachts to see what features they have. Also, keep in mind your sailing intentions but do not set them in stone. I looked at over 50 yachts to make a decision. I was looking for a small 25ft boat for harbor cruising, but ended up purchasing a larger 32ft vessel that could be used for off-shore sailing. I’m so glad I made my choice.

Do you plan to buy a small trailer-sailor for your boat? Have you thought about the difficulty of getting it into and out of water? Have you looked into the marinas, moorings and fees in your area for a larger boat? You’ll find a broker who is willing to listen to you, and to spend the time necessary to show you the yachts on their books.

As a woman, I noticed that in many brokerages where I went the staff would ignore me or not treat me seriously. If I brought a male friend with me they’d talk to him instead. In the case of female yacht ownership, I have seen countless instances of sexism… just like I experienced when I bought a yacht.

It is best to be knowledgeable about the type of yacht that you want and your seamanship. You will gain confidence, knowledge and understanding from a good accredited Australian school or TAFE. The broker who sold my yacht listened and showed me the information I gave him. He then added a “wild card ‘…, reading between the lines.

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