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Portuguese Water Dogs – How to Care for One

Portuguese Water Dogs are a perfect family dog for active people and those who love to spend time with them. Portuguese Water Dogs make the perfect companion if you enjoy spending time outdoors. You can go for walks, run, or participate in watersports. A very energetic breed, the Portuguese Water Dog Puppies has an appropriately named name. This breed adapts and is happy to live in the home. However, they are much happier when given daily access water.

Portuguese Water Dogs have been exempted of their fishing duties because modern technology has replaced the traditional methods. This dog can no longer be used to find lost objects or deliver messages from the boat to shore. As a companion, the breed needs to spend a lot more time and energy with its family. It still loves to play in the water. The breed will be happy living in close proximity to water bodies such as lakes, rivers and oceans.

Portuguese Water Dogs exhibit a love of water which has its roots in their breed’s origins. This dog, which was first brought to Iberian Peninsula over 500 years ago, was recognized immediately for its exceptional water skills. Portugal being a country that was known for its fishing, these dogs would be used to aid fishermen aboard boats. These dogs were trained to follow orders and would go deep in the ocean, either to pick up equipment left behind or to lure the fish towards waiting nets. Dogs still have these qualities.

A retriever dog, which is the most common breed, has an inborn desire to swim and be around water. A dog’s owner needs to be willing to have a fun game of fetch with their pet in water. The dog loves to be taken to the beach or lake and thrown a stick. The dog will dive into water and retrieve the sticks, bring them back to its owner and wait happily for it to be thrown again and again.

Portuguese Water Dogs, just like all other dogs that trace their roots back to water do not need daily access to water but they thrive in an aquatic environment. It is important to train and exercise the dog regularly. Portuguese Water Dogs are a good choice if you want to have a breed of dog that is competitive in sports. A firm, gentle but disciplined hand can easily be used to train this breed. You can bond together with your Portuguese Water dog by training him. This will also provide plenty of opportunities for his exercise. Although a Portuguese Water Dog breed may not suit all families, it is suited to those who are passionate about water sports.