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Venetian blinds: Measurement, installation and maintenance

Venetian Blinds-How to Measure

It is important to measure for blinds. A quick guide is provided below to assist. Make sure you are armed with a ruler, some paper and pencil. Visit our website and learn more about campbelltown blinds.

What are the measurements?

It is best to measure the size of your blinds in millimetres.

When to Measure…

You can choose to install your blinds on the top of the window recess or face the frame. Venetian Blinds come in a variety of sizes and can be mounted on either the frame or the wall of your window or the top portion of the window recess. It gives you full control of the blind’s position.

How to take a measurement of a recess

You will need enough depth in the window area to fit the Venetian Blind. If you have less than that, the blind may protrude from the recess. Installing your blind outside as a “face fit” is an option if the distance between you and 50mm.

You can measure the depth of the recess by measuring the distance from one wall to another at the highest point. It is here that the brackets should be placed. You should measure three different areas in order to confirm that they all have the same or very similar width and are not bulging walls. The shortest measurement should be noted down. The 10mm you remove from either side will provide some flexibility for any wall variations and prevent damage to your blind when it is operated. You can fit the blinds on either the inside or outside of your window.
If you want to measure the height of the drop, start at the top and go down.
5) Note the measurement.

If you want to know the size of your face, please:

2) Measure how wide you would like the blind. You can use a 50mm to 100mm overlap on the window frames as a guide. It will allow you to reduce the gap between the blind and the frame, and improve the light control.
Please note the following:
3 Measure the distance between the position of your blind and the floor.
NOTE: 4) Measure the distance.

Keep in mind…

You should subtract 10 mm on both sides from all recess measurement.
It is important to measure twice in order to avoid any errors.
The controls should be placed on the right side.
In order to ensure a perfect fit, you should take any obstructions into consideration when measuring.
You should measure up to 20mm for full-length window. You will have enough space to allow the base rails to move.
If you are installing the Venetian Blinds on a face-fit installation, raise them by 250mm to make sure that they clear all the glass when the Venetian Blind mechanism is raised. When blinds are placed on doorways, this will help to increase the amount of light that enters the room.