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You can balance your feminine and masculine energies

Feeling soft, relaxed and surrendered today? How about not very much? Not at all?

The women who are “trying to do it ALL” lose their creativity and power.

Most women have a fear that the “feminine energy” they are able to use will cause them to be weaker or less able. Click to read more.

A life and success coach has found that, even though women may be enthused about the concept of an empowered woman, their default energy when under pressure is masculine.

The concept of balancing feminine and masculine energy, which I consider to be a key component in the definition of success for women is something that goes unspoken.

Your femininity is where your emotions, creativity and intuition live. In short, your feminine energy is where you find creativity, intuition, feelings and desires.

The key to creating wealth and fulfilling your life purpose is maintaining balance.

It is not uncommon to see women swinging the pendulum: They either focus too much on masculine energies and “become” men, or else they keep their minds in the abstract.