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The Certainty Delusion or How I Learned Not To Worry and Believe in Everything

Do you believe God is real? Ghosts? Free will? Evolution? Intelligent design? Ancient aliens? Life after death? Oblivion? Yes, I do. But I don’t. As you can see, my new belief system is just as likely as a four year-old child to fox a magistrate. I realized how absurdly irrational it was to believe completely in anything, especially when the laws of physics have collapsed and renowned scientists don’t know whether or not we are living in a universe created by our imaginations or the playthings of a higher intelligent. And it seems our reliable, steady universe is now a multiverse. In order to know yourself better and own yourself better, you need to know seeing a fox at night meaning

Dr Michiokaku, a Japanese-American theoretical physical physicist, claims that while I might be sitting in my office now, I could also be somewhere else. There are flesh-eating monsters swimming around my head. I couldn’t see, touch, smell, hear, or feel these monsters because their atoms vibrated at a different frequency.

You may be asking yourself if all this is true. If so, how can there possibly be a blue cheese moon sharing the same space as ours? It is possible, but it is not the case here.

Is this why all the uncertainty about Belief is so important? It is very simple for me. I don’t believe one thing and disavow it another. I give each idea a percentage credibility. If the idea is plausible, I may give it 60% credibility. If the idea sounds wild, I’ll reward it with a modest 12%.

Needless to mention, the world became much more crazy once I began to think this way. I discovered that humans with their unconditional faith and rejection of one thing and another were having difficulty fitting in with my thoughts. And they started to rub me up the wrong ways.

Richard Dawkins (geneticist) wrote The Selfish Gene. I was even able to read much of it. He later wrote The God Delusion. Dawkins’s book was written by Satan, I believe. It was likely to discredit all his previous scientific research and bring people back to God and their belief in God. I’m only guessing.